Do I have a faulty ATX 12V conection?

Chassis fans work. Heatsink fan works. Video card fan works when plugged into PSU. But my MOBO does not send any signal to a monitor or make any beeps when speaker is attached. I cannot even get it powered to the point the Dr. Debug lights flash.

This is a totally fresh build using all new components, and I am a new builder.

I've got:
ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen 3
Intel i5 2500K
4x Patriot 4GB sticks @1600
EVGA GTX550 ti
Cooler Master 932 Advance case
Cooler Master N520 HSF
Seagate 1TB HDD

I have tried:
1. putting the mobo togetether with only 1 stick of memory; processor; and HSF and no response from Dr. Debug or speaker.
2. checking that the CPU is lined up, and clear of anything thermal or dust
3. re-seating memory
4. removing and reattaching HSF
5. re-connecting both 24-pin and 8-pin connectors

and still I get no response at all.

I've read through the list of recommended steps and tried any that I could imagine would be helpful to no avail.

Thanks for any advice you have...
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  1. Did you try plugging your PSU in and turning it on without connecting it to anything? At the very least your fan should start spinning.

    If not there's a device you can get at like any Radio Shack (I forget what it's called) and you can plug it in and test the power connections individually.
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    If no MoBo lights turn on and everything else you say is true then it's a faulty motherboard. AsRock tends to be buggy. I recommend refunding the MoBo you have now and replacing it with something like an Asus motherboard. Ugh I don't like AsRock. I've got a faulty AsRock motherboard, too...

    Hope this helps!
  3. And no, if your fans are powering up that means there is electricity flowing through your power supply. In other words, the psu should be fine.

  4. Could only the one 8pin cable be bad? Or is it much more likely that the mobo is bad? The power supply seems to be good in all other respects (psu fan, pcie power to video card, case fans).
  5. Ahhh, well it could be that one 8pin cable... Though somehow I think at least something would light up even with a faulty 8pin. What psu do you have, anyways?
  6. Ok so... does yourMoBo have any lights that are supposed to say Power or Reset over the power and reset connectors? If it does and they aren't lighting up then it's the motherboard. If it doesn't then it's the power supply. I just tested my pc and unplugged the 8pin connector. I had the same exact result as you did except that My MoBo came with a Power and Reset button on the bottom of it and they lit up (without the 8pin). And no, not even my Dr.Debug lit up. So you probably have a faulty 8pin.
  7. Are you sure that you are using the 8 pin atx cable and not a pci-e 8 pin cable?
  8. The PCI-E cable wouldn't plug into it at all,

    Look at the connectors
    ATX/EPS 4+4

    PCI-E 8 Pin

    The physically will not fit in each other's socket.
  9. You're talking about PCIe connectors... We're talking about the 8pin connector on the Motherboard.

    EDIT: Nevermind...
  10. Hi guys -
    Thanks for all your help with this. I decided to RMA the board with newegg, which was super simple. If the next board gives me the same problems, I'm going to guess it is a bad cable to the 12V connectors and take my PSU to be tested somewhere. If that fails, I'll ask everyone's thoughts again to see what new suggestions you might have.
  11. I'm really thinking it's a faulty 8pin as I tried it on my MoBo and I had the same exact result as you. But I guess you could do it either way. Good luck on a better RMA'd board!
  12. Faulty board it is! My replacement board came today and it is up and runnin off of the same PSU and with all the same components. THANKS GUYS!
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