I am building my first rig and my question is related to the following:

asus p6z68-v pro/gen 3
corsair vengeance (4x4) (with huge fins)

I fell into the this looks cool trp so be gently.

I want to buy a cpu fan but I have found threads that say buy this and buy that...alot of conflicting info!

I prefer a air cooling fan because I am a little OCD about liquid inside a electronic box that has parts costing $1500. If it was not for bad luck I would have none!

Does anybody have the same setup? If so, what fan are you using?

Has anybody experienced or aqre aware of fluid leaks?

Sorry for asking a remedial question!
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  1. there two type of air coolers now that are good to remove heat.
    the first one willl not hang over the back two dimm slots but you need a deep case or it hit the side pannel
    the other type of coolers will hand over the dimm slots so you have to look on the cooler web page for dimms with heat spreaders that will fit under it.
  2. The 212 will work perfectly fine, you can even adjust the fans higher so they do not hit the dimms. I have the 212 evo and it doesn't hit my patriot sector 7 dimms, which have huge heatspreaders.
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