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Emachines EL7852G-52W

my computers graphics suck when playing video games. My computer has GMA X4500 intergated graphics can someone please help. Is it possibale to get a graphics card for my computer that is small enough to fit my computer?
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  1. Sorry i ment emachines EL1852G-52W
    Is that your PC?
    Well, it only has Dual-Core E5800, 220W PSU and GMA X4500HD. I not even sure the low end graphic card like HD5670 or GT240 is working with that low PSU or not...
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    The 220W PSU you have on your system is really shaky. Your CPU (E5800) will take up 65W (max) leaving you with only 155W to play around with, which isn't much.
    With only that much headroom, it (theoretically) should be able to run the low-power boys on the block.
    Such as (but not limited to):
    Nvidia's GT210, GT220, GT240
    AMD's Radeon HD5450, 5570
    While it is possible, I HIGHLY do not recommend! They may be low end, but the minimum required power should be around 300W (as stated by Nvidia and AMD).
    You should consider upgrading your PSU.
    Oh, what resolution, games and graphic settings do you intend to run? Also, include a budget for your upgrade. This will help paint a clearer picture. Thank you. ;)
  4. I want my computer to run the sims 2 and the sims 3 but my graphics really don't work that great. My computer usally is set to 1600X900 but when i play my games on it the games crashes most of the time. But when it is working the road turns into the grass and the grass turns into the road.

    Is there a graphics card small enough to fit in my computer? Computer is a emachines EL1852G-52W It's a very slim computer. And on last thing can i connect the new graphics card to my computers PCI slot :bounce: :hello: :)
  5. For slim chassis, low-profile/half-height cards can be used. They are readily available in the market and are suited for slim chassis. But, just to be on the safe side, always take some measurements of your case to compare with the dimensions of the graphic card you intend to use.

    As for the PCI slot, I doubt it. Most (if not all) graphics cards connect to the PCI-Express x16 slots; there are also some compatible with the PCI-Express x1 slot (but I'm not too sure which).
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  7. I want to be able to play games on my pc. What kind of graphics card should i use in my Emachines EL1852G-52W.

    What does the pci express slot look like? :hello:
  8. A PCI-Express slot looks like,

    For graphics cards, you'll utilise the PCI-E x16 slot.

    Sims 2 & 3 are relatively light resource games so, you do not really need a very powerful GPU.
    Nvidia's GT240 and AMD's 5570 will be able to handle those games very well; both will be able to run on max graphic settings but you may have to omit AA for Sims 3.
  9. My computer only has 2 slots it has a real small cream colored slot and it has a longer black one which one do i use.

    My Email is
  10. You'll have to reference it to the picture I showed you. If you have difficulties, take a picture of it then post it in the forums.
    Moderators will close this thread soon, so you should open another one addressing this issue.
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