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GPU (HD 6870) brands not honoring rebates?

I'm looking into buying a Radeon HD 6870. I've researched reviews on Newegg, and other forums to find that many companies (largely Sapphire, Asus, XFX) do not honor mail-in-rebates. I'm wondering if anyone has personally run into this problem with any specific brands. Also, in the same vein as rebates, these same companies also seem to have many negative reviews for customer service.

I'm planning on building a budget gaming PC around for under $600 bucks, so finding a nice affordable GPU that can save me $20 will be nice indeed, but I'm very worried about going forth and buying something on the promise of a rebate only to be f'ed in my ass later.

On that note, what seems to be the best cheapest brand for the 6870?

Thanks for any information!
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  1. I just got a mail from XFX that they are processing my rebate (HD6850). In the past I have gotten rebates from every manufacturer mentioned here and many more, just a matter of following instructions correctly!
  2. Thanks for reply. That's a relief! I guess no matter what company it is, there will be horror stories somewhere. If I shouldn't worry so much about rebates, I guess quality is my main concern for the price. What is your experience with different brands? I haven't seem to made much progress because there are too many fanboys out there. So far it seems ASUS is pretty high up in terms of quality.
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    I look at rebates as discount! It is up to me to make sure I follow their instructions and it has never failed!
    Apart from a few budget manufacturers with shorter warranties the quality is pretty much the same across the board. MSI and Asus are a couple of brands that have had innovative cooling solutions that have made their cards popular for overclocking.
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