[HELP] PC not detecting monitor.

Ok, so I just finished building my new PC and I went to plug it into the monitor, no signal was detected. I tried 3 different monitors in every slot available. This includes 1 VGA (motherboard) 3 DVI (two GPU and one MOBO) and 2 HDMI (Graphics card). When I turn it on, everything powers up just fine. WHat could be the problem?

ASRock Z68
I5 2500k
XFX 6870
1TB hard drive

Also, I don't hear a post beep.

Please help!
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  1. check that the ram you bought is on the vendor ok list that in the mb owner book. check that you have the 24 pin and the 8 pin power conenctor on the mb and have plugged all the power plugs on your video card. also check that the reset and other wires are connected to the right pins. also check that the cmos clear jumper is on the right pins. the last issue is that you shorted the mb to the mb tray. check that the standoff are in the right place and that there no screws rolling around.
  2. Go through this: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems
    When you have everything plugged in correctly, only the video outputs on the graphics card will work.
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