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Will two 6950's max out any current games?

I am planning on upgrading to a 990fxa-gd80 and crossfiring 6950 FLEX editions. I play at 1920x1080 on a 24" and will be upgrading to three 24" 1080p monitors within the next year. I know I could currently max out any game on one 1080p monitor with a single 6950, but with the rate that graphics are improving, I just want to be sure that two 6950's will be worth the investment and future proof to at least last me another year, hopefully two years. If anyone has any advice or has an opinion, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!
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  1. You can always ask for more but 2 x HD6950 will be plenty for most people for the next year or two!
  2. Yea, 2xHD6950 are fast enough to run any games today with decent setting (maxed out). But you're saying that you'll get 3 monitors, then I think for now you'll better maxing out all your money to buy a single powerful card (bigger memory will help a lot when using more than 1 monitor), you can always add another one (CF/SLI) later in the future...
  3. 2x 6950 gives you nuclear power....
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    for the next 1 year, 2x6950 should be OK. you can try unlocking the shaders on them for some extra boost. just make sure you have the 2gb versions as extra vram helps in high res.

    by end of q1 2012, the new gen cards will be available, making all cards of this gen slow and hot and obsolete.
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