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Will a Phenom ii x4 bottleneck two 6950's?

I have a Phenom II x4 965 running stable at 4ghz. I plan on getting a 990fxa-gd80 and two 6950 flex editions and am wondering if my cpu will hold back the gpus, and if so, how much? I think 4ghz should be able to eliminate most of any bottleneck that could happen, but if anyone actually knows for sure, please comment :) thanks!
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    Depends of your resolution, at 2600x1500 or more it'll be almost unnoticeable, I assume your resolution will be quite high or else you wouldn't be buying two 6950's so it should be fine.
  2. On Dx 11 games no way
    On a low resolution like 720p yes.
    The x4 can handle the 5970 and beyond 3.6 the fps increase stops. So you can drop it down a bit. No need for 4ghz
  3. You're fine with your current setup, don't worry about that.. :)
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