Four motherboard replacements (Still no USB ports)

We have replaced the motherboard in a laptop (Compaq CQ62-219wm) FOUR seperate times. The USB ports that are on the motherboard (on the left side) will not work. The USB port on the right side, which is on a separate board works fine. There is no way based on the law of averages that we purchased four different boards from three different places and all of them happened to have bad USB ports. Can anyone advise on ANY possibility that something else could be causing the issue. When plugging a usb cord into one of the bad ports and checking the cable for voltage, no power shows, but doing the same thing on the USB port from the separate board shows the right amount of voltage.

The initial problem with the system was that not only the usb ports did not work, but the board slowly went dead and wouldn't boot.

We are at our wits end here, and any help or suggestions/questions/information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi, Is the power module separate from the motherboard or is it part of it?
  2. The ac port is seperate, it then plugs into the motherboard, but just the port, it isn't an entirely seperate "power board" from the motherboard like some laptops have.. Just to test, we wired a usb cable to pull power from the right side USB port (that was working), and to pull data from one of the bad usb ports on the left side. thumb drives/camera/etc. were recognized fine.
  3. Weird. I'd say to try a different ac port, if possible. If not, I think that the wired USB cable might be a solution.
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