Please help me!!!!!!!

I called dell to resolve a problem with my xps 600 they said it was a hard drive failure. I bought a new one and tryd to reinstall the os (still got the same message) so i brought it into a computer repair store. They said it was my mother board however i can run full diagnostics on my hard drive etc. It just fails to boot im tottaly lost as to what it could be and if it is a mobo issue I can not aford to replace it with a dell mobo. Hopefully some one can help me.
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  1. Please help me!!!!!!!

    by explaining what happened EXACTLY
  2. I recieved an error code and dell told me the code was a hard drive failure code. I replaced the hard drive and the os still would not boot after i reinstalled it on the new hard drive. I think the os that came with the computer was just a recovery disk and there for will not fully install the os on the hard drive but i am not sure. I also tryd plugging n another hard drive with vista pre loaded but again when it begins to load it says os did boot properly and brings up a prompt to run boot repair sequence. after running the repair it says that it can not fix the proble and to contact customer service. however my warenty is expired. I was told by a computer repair place that the mobo may be bad but i can not fathom spending 300 bucks to see. I can access the advanced system recovery options everything just when i try to boot it stalls and brings up the window to enter boot recovery or start system normaly. I hope that is enough info if not ill try to get anything else you may need. THANK YOU
  3. I failed to mention that the original os was xp and I am wondering if that is why I can not run the hard drive with vista loaded on it. I am curently running the can not boot the os system check and so far everything has passed about 80% complete.
  4. When you bought your dell, usually they include a system recovery cd that you use for situations like this, it includes both the original OS and drivers. If you can't find it, then have dell send you another one. You said you had xp, so you might have a 32 bit machine and tried installing a 64bit version of vista. Regardless, try giving the system recovery cd a try before going for a new mobo. Usually when I have a mobo problem my system won't even boot, but I'm sure this isn't always case.
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