Just Loaded Windows but Only Mouse Showing

Well I decided it would be a good idea/fun project to try and build my own computer. I'm semi-computer savvy but do not know too much about hardware.

Well I picked out all of the hardware that I wanted, had it shipped and managed to build my desktop. I installed Windows 7 and I believe the next step is to install the drivers. Well my comp booted up fine, I put in the cd that has the drivers for my motherboard (gigabyte z68xp-ud3). The drivers installed and I restarted my computer.

When my computer restarted the mother board screen flashed and then the windows logo appeared with the "loading..." text like usual. However, after that the screen went black and the only thing showing was the mouse. I could move the mouse around the screen but that is all.

Any ideas on troubleshooting this issue?
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