A Surprise For a Friend. Budget $1300

Hey everyone. My friend is planning on getting a gaming computer, but does not know much about computer parts.
Basically his budget is $1300
- No monitor needed
- He would prefer a strong graphics card that would allow him to max out most games, if not all.
- Keyboard and mouse also not included
- Other than that, he does not care what brands his parts are from, but he does not want any cheap system.
- He wants to be sli/crossfire ready, but does not want to have 2 cards right away

I have my own gaming rig, which I got over the summer, but I do not want to get him the same thing, because newer parts might have already come out that I am unaware of.

Also, please keep in mind that he is not building it by himself, he wants to buy the system from Cyberpowerpc.com.
If you guys want you can list parts from newegg, and I will try and get those parts of cyberpowerpc for him at the same price or less.

Thank you everyone!
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