Need help with my graphics card!

On my computer, not the one I am currently on, I was trying to download the newest driver software for my Video Card. I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 and was told to delete my current driver software that was on my computer first before I downloaded it because they can interfere with one another.. Well I did so and now it is very clear that my computer is no longer running a graphics card and when I go to download the new software, It tells me that it cannot read my hardware. How can I fix this? Help me please!
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  1. download it manually, after finished then install it normally...
  2. for nvidia driver uninstalls / new installs i usually follow this process, you shouldnt encounter any problems but if you are unsure about any step, shout up:

    1. uninstall 3d drivers and physx via control panel/uninstall program
    2. delete certain Nvidia folders in windows explorer (which folders will depend on your OS version)
    3. device manager - uninstall GTX 460 drivers
    4. reboot in safemode and run driversweep to remove traces of nvidia drivers left over
    5. optional - i run cccleaner at this stage to remove crap from recycle bin
    6. reboot in normal mode and install new driver

    see this link for more info...

    keep us updated

  3. You're supposed to download first then uninstall/install
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