SATA Ports not working with new GPU

Hello everyone, first off, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right forum because I am new here and the problem I am encountering is what I believe to be an issue between my Motherboard AND my new GPU, if this is in the wrong place, I apologise in advance.

Yesterday I recieved my new Gigabyte Radeon 7870 that i bought to replace my crossfired 5770's that I have had since buying my computer (Custom pre-built) upon installing the new card to my motherboard (Intel DP55WG), I immediatly got a black screen stating that a boot device could not be detected. (obviously before windows was able to boot) My first thought was "oh no my HDD is dead" but shortly after I realized that would be far too coincidental, since this was my first time trying to use the new card i decided to try again with one of my old 5770's (didn't bother to set up the crossfire again) and everything was back to normal, computer booted normally and windows booted fine.

After ruling out a bad HDD, bad SATA cable and dead SATA ports since everything works fine with the old hardware I decided to put the new card back in and check out the BIOS with the new card connected, the BIOS reads that every SATA port is "not installed" and under the boot order "HDD/Optical Drive" it said that neither of the two were connected, I know there is power to at least the DVD drive because it still opens and closes but the BIOS does not recognise it as being connected in any way. I am quite clueless at this point as to how the new card could affect the SATA ports but it seems to be the only possible issue.

Has anyone experienced this before and if so what did you do to fix it? Is it a power issue? even though i have a 750W Corsair tx?
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  1. Easy things first: try to reset the cmos. That will also reset the configuration or the pci-lanes, irqs ans so on and force a re-config.
  2. Sorry, forgot to add that I did Reset the CMOS and all that seems to have done for me was reset the clock :( Still have the same problem.
  3. did you fix it? I have the same issue with my sata after upgrading my old 6870 to a 7870.
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