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I just rebuilt my old computer with a new mobo, processor, and memory, and it's locking up. The screen freezes, the sound stops, and the system is completely nonresponsive and needs to be manually shut down and restarted. No error messages. The lockups are completely random. I've left it on overnight to download updates and it's been fine and played several consecutive rounds of league of legends, but it's crashed while playing youtube videos or sometimes multiple times in a single game of lol. It doesn't seem to crash on steam games, if that matters. Core Temp tells me I'm not overheating and I have the latest drivers for my video card. I have not overclocked yet.

The system is newly built and there's a few things that I'd want to ask about.

1) I reused the hard drive. I removed several partitions I had on there and did not reformat the hard drive. Could reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling solve the issue?

2) I'm using Corsair low voltage (1.35V) memory with a p8z68-le motherboard. Could the low voltage ram somehow be my problem? Should I replace the memory?

3) I have a legit key for windows from the old build and I thought I downloaded the right windows 7 professional, but I got the N version and it hasn't asked me for activation. I believe I unintentionally pirated windows. Is there a place I could find a full copy so I can use my completely legit key?
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  1. It might be the power supply. Does your screen simply freeze or does it go blue? If it's the latter then it's the power supply. Also, you may just have a virus... These things usually happen because of a virus. Google "Microsoft Security Essentials" and download that (it's free). Do a "Quick Scan" of your computer on it and you'll know. Hopefully your pc doesn't crash during it. But watch throughout it all. It'll tell you when it's found a virus.

    Hope this helps!

  2. It would not be a bad thing to reformat the HDD , it would erase the possability of registry errrors and driver conflicts. Then you could monitor closely what is put on the HDD and if it affects it in any way.
    Why did you get low voltage memory , was it recomended for that motherboard.
    If you are concerned about the copy of Windows then try ot get another one , maybe the fact that it is the N version is causing some problems.
  3. I was going to say the power supply as well but then the fact that it doesn't crash or freeze with steam games made me think it wasn't the psu. However the desciption of the crashes and freezing says psu problem.
  4. Thanks everyone who helped. I figured out the problem is that the bios of my p8z68-v le didn't support my 2700K. I flashed the bios and I hope that fixed the problem. I'll be back if it didn't. GG!
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