Need help after water spill

Hey, to make a long story short, i spilled water on my computer when it was turned on, now (2 weeks later) it wont turn on when the 4 pin CPU power is plugged in, if its not plugged in then the fans and lights will come on. (tried different psus, also i dont have a mobo speaker)

Im not sure were the water hit, it was a small amount but it obviously fried the mobo or cpu.

Anyways my question is, im going to get new mobo/ram/psu tmrw off newegg, im just wondering if there is a risk with me trying the cpu in a brand new mobo? And do you think its fried?

OHHH also i had a gpu in the comp when the spill happened, could trying that in a new mobo cause damage also?
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  1. Most likely the damage is on the board. Other items damaged apart from PSU will most likely not damage the board but simply not work.
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