Motherboard for i7-3770k

is there any cheap good mobo for i7-3770k?
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  1. What do you consider cheap.Why go cheap with that nice cpu.
  2. Get the Asrock z77 extreme 4, it's a cheap board for the features that's offered, best bang for the buck z77 board.
  3. Get the Asrock z77 extreme 4 , plus 1 , running it right now it's fantastic for overclocking with the right cooling solution.
  4. It's ok but i would get a 77 chipset. board.
  5. will there be performance drop with that 75 ? I use a GTX 650 TI will there be any problem ?
  6. You have a i7-3770k, you might want a board that can overclock that cpu, there ain't gonna be a performance drop with the card, but it's wise going with a board with the z75 or z77 chipset.
    If you can't afford the z77 extreme , look for the asrock z75 pro 3 or z77 pro 3.
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