Stuttering/Random rebooting with errors.

Hello, I have had a stuttering problem for a while now that has turned into unplayable stuttering/rebooting.

Specs are:
Phenom II X2 (Unlocked to X4) @3.2ghz
Sapphire 6870
M4A785-M Motherboard
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate
12.3 Drivers from ATI (Newest Drivers)

So the problem seemed to get worse after installing my GPU, but it was just mild stuttering in some games. The stuttering turned into random reboots every now and then so I went from Windows 7 32 prem to Windows 7 64 Ultimate and the problem has gone haywire. Constant reboots, stuttering etc.

Things I have tried
- Replaced Ram and tried removing all ram except one and placed it in every socket with every stick of ram I had.

- Upgraded PSU from 550W HEC to a 650W Antec

- Reseated every component

- Reset CPU to default settings of X2 instead of Quad core.


- Sent in MB for replacement after noticing some battery acid on the board.

- Replaced 6870 with an old 4670. Now here is the only thing that has helped. With this my PC no longer restarts and the stuttering is still there and annoying, but is lowered to playable levels.

My main question would be, can an unlocked CPU cause permanent damage such as stuttering? Is there any GPU damage that could explain the stuttering and random shutdowns?

The bugcode I get from the Bluescreens is always 0x00000124 which indicates a hardware problem from what I have read.

I have monitored the heat on the CPU and GPU and the CPU sits at 20c and the GPU at 30c and 40c if I am playing Quakelive or other browser based games.

Any help on what this could be?
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  1. Something else I forgot to add that could be a possible cause. My PSU, according to CPUID Hardware Monitor is spot on with everything, but the -12V. For some reason the -12V says -6.21V.

    The +3.3 = 3.31
    +12 = 12.67
    but -12 = -6.21
    +5VCCH = 5.99

    I would also add the problem was prevalent while using my HEC 550W PSU. So, I am really think some sort of GPU or CPU problem.

    The GPU was also ran for about 3-4 hours in Dues Ex before realizing that the fun was stuck and not working. If the GPU had any damage that is all I can think of it coming from. The unlocking of the CPU being the only other possibility I can personally think of. However the damage appears to be permanent.
  2. Since it's available to you, remove all video cards and try your on-board video and see what happens.
  3. The onboard is so bad that it stutters due to frame rate drops in even flash games.
  4. Anyone else? Id hate to buy a new CPU that I cant return and that not be the problem. The stuttering gets worse over time like a heat issue, but their are no signs of heat. Even with my old GPU its stuttering badly now. Its playable, but too annoying to play.
  5. Blackdog12285 said:
    The onboard is so bad that it stutters due to frame rate drops in even flash games.

    Do you have this:
  6. Chaz21 said:

    Yeah I have GPU-Z. Here are the results
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