*new build* computer won't start after cmos update. help!

I just put together a new system with an ASUS P67/i7. I've been having some problems trying to install Windows 7 and decided to reset the CMOS using the jumper on the MOBO. I made the silly newbie mistake of removing the jumper and inserting on the 2nd/3rd pins with the AC cord connected to the PSU (the computer was not on). Now the computer won't start at all with the jumper reseated to 1st/2nd pins? Did I fry the MOBO? Do I need a new BIOS chip? The standby LED on the MOBO is on with power connected and when I try to start the fans engage for about 1/2 a second and stop. no beeps. I removed the battery for 30 mins and reset the jumper again (this time without AC connected). Reseated all connects to the MOBO. Same results. Please Help!
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  1. Well... You're out of luck. Try calling ASrock customer support. They should be able to help...

    Sorry I couldn't help much :/ Try asking this question in another part of the forums.
  2. :O Hopefully you didn't fry your whole system... :(
  3. Well I assume when you say the power wasn't on, you mean the front power switch was turned off. Your motherboard still gets a small amount of power unless the switch on the PSU is turned off, which is why you unplug it to be sure...and give it some time, if your mobo has lights, the lights should be OFF while working on it.

    Contacting Asus and asking for advice seems the best. It is possible to both fry just the BIOS and to fry the whole board doing this. They might have a way of recovery, but you might have to send it in to them for repair
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