How to know Processor system bus frequency


How to know Processor system bus frequency? and good compatible RAM for it?
which can produce great speed.
My processor is Intel core 2 duo 6300 @ 1.86 1.86 GHz

Here is the list please tell me according this so I can purchase a good ram (motherboard = Intel D946GZIS original)

DIMM Type Processor system bus frequency Resulting memory frequency
DDR2 533 533 MHz 533 MHz
DDR2 533 800 MHz 533 MHz
DDR2 533 1066 MHz 533 MHz
DDR2 667 533 MHz 533 MHz
DDR2 667 800 MHz 667 MHz
DDR2 667 1066 MHz 667 MHz
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  1. Thanks
    But I have checked that before that's why I asked about "!"sign
    I had rectify the table here but it messed up
    as I was looking to upgrade RAM upto 4GB and don't know if I can use 667 MHz with my this cpu e6300
  2. FSB freq of E6300 is 266 MHz. So the minimum RAM speed you need is DDR2-533, but new RAM slower than DDR2-800, or maybe DDR2-667 is hard to find.

    Crucial site:

    I suggest the fourth one (DDR2-800 CL5). It is a little quicker at the same price.

    Although the RAM is faster than you need, the motherboard will set the operating speed of the RAM.
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    For me the way that I always worked to find the memory on the old Intel® 2 Core™ processors is to take the FSB for the processor and divid it in half. For the Intel 2 Core e6300 that would have been 1066/2 or 533 speed or faster ram.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. Thanks guys
    I got the RAM I need to purchase, its DDR2 667 as motherboard won't support higher than that
    and it can only upgraded up to 4 GB
    Only my main concern is now that one of my friend says that DDR2 is outdated now
    and its time for DDR3
    so may be I would invest in DDR2 in vain if I need to sail my PC for higher performance
    DDR2 is very costly also (as my work is in 3D)

    So can you tell me is it worth to purchase in current situation?
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