What optical drive should I get?

This may sound stupid but what drive should I get? Theres cd rom, dvd rom, cd and dvd rom, dvd rrw, dvd rw etc.
I play video games and put music discs in my computer and I am getting a new one via building my own. I am a newbie at optical drives. D:
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  1. My two favorites are Samsung, closely followed by LG.
  2. optical drives don't matter that much...pretty much just use it one time for Windows OS disk. just get a DVD rw combo drive stuff like that. They're usually the ones around $20.
  3. i picked up a cheap sony one for the same price as the lg and samsung drives

    i usually use steam though or make an image of my game so i run it from that though as its anoying how loud dvd drive is

    (yes hdd spinning is louder than the fans in my case)

    as long as you go for a big brand e.g. one you have heard of like, samsunf,lg,sony etc then it doesnt really matter what you pick up
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    You want a Writer, not a ROM (read only) DVD drive.
    .. My preference is LG, pioneer, and samsung, Do not recommend Lite-on
    .. Lightscribe is a plus, only if you want to label your disk that you write to.

    Blu-ray - Only if you want to watch Blu-ray on your computer, or want the increased write capacity. More expensive and Two Flavors.
    .. Blu-ray Rom/DVD-RW. Will play blue-ray (Can not write to Blu-ray) and will read/write to DVDs and CDs
    .. Blu-ray RE/DVD-RW - read/write Blue-ray disk, DVD disk and CDs
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