Liquid cooled videocard?

Ok, so I am targeting a complete silent PC. I already have a watercooled CPU, passive cooled motherboard, extremely silent PSU, and Im in the works of replacing my HDDs for SSDs. Oh, my case fans are all 18db

So, the noisiest piece I have at the moment is the videocard. Altough its not a silent one, I need to upgrade it, and Im a little shocked of how huger are the videocard nowadays, most have dual or even triple fans...

Anyways, I know a liquid cooled would give me complete silence, faster overclock and a "elegant" factor. What are my options nowadays? Should I wait for a soon to happen refresh?

The only ones I found so far are from evga, this being the cheapest option:
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  1. that's a good idea.but i think if you already have a gpu than just add a EK or Koolance video card block and add this in your liquid cooling system.
    BTW what's your GPU??
  2. You just buy a GPU waterblock to fit your corresponding GPU.
  3. Current config
    9800 GT
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