To Wait or Not to Wait.. Should I hold out for HD 7000 ?!?!

So I'm getting back in to PC gaming and slowly building my system back up.. started with a nice new case and psu. I'm just wondering if you guys (or girls) think I should hold out for the HD 7xxx (probably a 7950) or just pick up a 6850/70 6950/70 or something like that?

Input is much appreciated! :-)

current specs:

Gigabyte MB w/ Geforce 9400 integrated graphics (YUCK, I know!)

C2D e8500 3.16ghz

4gb DDR2 800 dual channel

primary: OCZ Vertex 2 60gb / WD black 640gb

Dell 24in 1920x1080

New case: :-) Silverstone TJ08B-E

New psu: :-) Seasonic X-560 80 Plus Gold
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  1. First of all, you need to consider an upgrade to the whole system if you're going to grab a high end GPU.

    The HD 78xx will be after a month from now, Ther are not going to be much better than the current HD 69xx series except for power consumption and heat issues.

    Talking about the HD 79xx series is more interesting, there are XDR2 which is twice faster than GDDR5, besides the 1 GHz GPU frequency, more transistors, 28nm process..... They are going to perform much better than any Dual GPU Produced but they will be pushed to Q1/2 2012.
  2. I'm looking to get in to BF3 as I used to play BF1942, BF2, BF2142.. and other such fps's.

    I will eventually upgrade mobo/cpu/ram but for now I just need something capable of playing BF3 at medium settings I guess? I read the Article on Tom's about how CPU doesn't matter much, so I'm not worried about my e8500 yet.

    So the 79xx aren't due out till next year? b/c I definitely want the new architecture (lower power consumption/better performance.

    Will the 6670 play BF3 ok?
  3. id buy a used card now e.g. the 470/460/5850 and then sell it when the next series come out, because theyre already used you get a good deal, and wont take much of a loss when selling it on
  4. I've been trying to but there isn't much of a selection here on Okinawa, JP (the Japanese like their phones more than they do computers?!?) and I'm hesitant to use ebay.

    Thanks for the input greg!
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