My computer boots only after pressing f1 esc and exit


My computer boots and stops.. I have the option of pressing F1 or F2...I press F1 and then esc and then exit...the computer starts and the time and date changes automatically to 1 jan 2002 and time 12am...I have to correct it each time in order to access the internet...can you answer this problem please?
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  1. I think you have to change the battery from the motherboard.
  2. Agreed! 100%...
  3. Thanks hefox and andy! I have changed the battery but the problem persists :(
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    you might have to enter the BIOS, usually the second option (probably 'F2' in your case). Then set time and date to the right values. Exit the BIOS with the option 'Exit saving changes' or 'Save changes and exit' or similar. See if the problem still persists, especially after the computer has been off power for a couple of hours.
    If you continue getting that message then probably something's wrong with your motherboard, leaving you with two options...

    - live with the problem


    - replace the motherboard

    But first try what I said above. Chances are that it solves your problem. Lets not assume the worst for a start... ;)
  5. load optomized defaults then set the date and time. save and exit. your system should now update the dma data and boot as normal...
  6. Thanks a lot andy and hexit! The problem has been resolved now :)
    Like you suggested, I pressed F1 to enter the BIOS. The date and time displayed there was correct so I pressed F10 to save and exit. thanks again :)
  7. You're welcome mate!
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