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  1. THe GPU need the pcie x16 slot, so the GTX 660 will fit well.
  2. Yes it will for sure work. When you buy a motherboard that you're planning on putting a gpu into always look to see if it has a PCI express x16 slot. That's the slot your gpu will goes into. The motherboard your posted has 2 pci-e slot at x16 and two at x4. Make sure you put your gpu in the x16 slot. The manual that comes with your motherboard will show you which ones are x16. Also with that motherboard you could buy another gtx 660 and do sli with them. Thats assuming that you have a good power supply.

    Pretty much any motherboard $60+ has at least one pci express x16 slot but the board your looking at is a really good one.
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