Buying 8GB more RAM, stick with 1333 or upgrade?

I currently have 8GB (2x4GB) of G.SKILL RAM (1333). I am planning on buying more RAM, I had in mind, to buy another 8GB, but I was wondering if I should buy another 8GB of 1333 RAM, or upgrade to a higher frequency of RAM and take my current 1333 sticks out. Thanks!

My current RAM:
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  1. Sorry about the duplicated thread, the website glitched out for me and I didn't think it posted my previous thread.
  2. What is your motherboard?
  3. That MOBO is fine for 1600/1866 memory. You will see a mild performance boost if you buy faster RAM but it will not be any amazing difference.
  4. Do you think I would get more of a boost from buying 1600/1866 rather than getting another 8GB of 1333?
  5. Do you regularly use more than 50% of your RAM? Keep in mind unused RAM works as a disk cache.

    You will get a bit of a boost but if you are running low on ram, then more RAM will help more.
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