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I am building a system for school and I would really like my monitor to double as my tv by using the all-in-wonder radeon but I have a few questions. First off I am not sure what size TV would be right for a dorm room, would 19" be large enough or do I need to go 21 or a little larger. Secondly a 19" monitor is in my price range but not a 21" or larger. So what would the quality be like if I hooked up a tv to the computer at 21 inches vs. a monitor at 19 inches? What solution do yall feel would be the best? Any opinions will help. Thanks

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  1. Monitor. See my other post to you.

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  2. If you think that you might be doing schoolwork on this computer :) I would not use a TV for a monitor. It's really hard, if not impossible to see any text on the screen if you use a TV. I have an ATI card with TV out, and it's fun to play games on, or even watch TV on, but if you are writing a paper... it's no good. I would tell you to go with the 19in monitor

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  3. Maya: I think he means using his MONITOR as a TV.

    As far as the screen size issue... I wouldn't recommend anything larger than 19"...

    WHY??? Because you have to CARRY the darn thing around!! (I speak from experience!!) My 17" is bad enough!
  4. I simply wan't to use it for TV, I often sit in my PC room, and would like to see TV, so the old machine, would do fine as an TV once in a while.
  5. Good thinking there.
    Yes it's just for watching TV, and I would only use an old
    17" for the use.

    And yes they are DAMM heavy to carry arround, i have a now
    old ADI Microscan 17x+, it is wery big, an wery heavy.
    21" only 50 cm from your nose, is too big for me. I agree on the 19".
  6. if you buy the right TV it will have svga plugs to plug any video card into it, and will be able to do max 1024x768 resolution, but its probably just as expensive as a monitor. some HD-TVs have USB inputs so they work as USB monitors and they have a higher dot pitch so you can actually read text on them. I think its roughly $800 for a 36 inch one which isn't to bad when you look at the price for a 24 inch monitor.
    although 24 inch monitor would blow the pants off any TV any day. If your going to have two computers and want to use one as a TV then don't spend to much money on it, but if you have only one computer and want a large monitor the high quality TV is the only way to go, but you have to fork out the cash. Worst comes to worst get the 19 inch monitor, I personally have a Hitachi SuperScan Elite 751 and its a fraction deeper than a 17 inch monitor so its not bad for lugging around.
  7. My 21" monitor weights a hefty 76lbs. 19" will be around 50-60lbs. If you can afford a TFT LCD monitor that would be very practical. I watch TV all the time on my monitor while doing work with my Radeon 64. Works perfect is the answer. In fact it works so good that I gave away my 21" Zeneith TV set since the quality was much better with the monitor and Radeon.
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  10. Oops, I should have noticed, hehe, oh well, advice is better then no advice how ever late.
  11. My 17" weighs 50lbs but its an awesome top quaility monitor. Still heavy to carry around. I dunno if anyone has heard of or seen Digital equipment's professional monitors. They're awesome. Has anyone seen these?? BTW digital was bought by compaq. They invented the Alpha.

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