UPS recommendation for 1100watt PSU

Hi Guys,

Could anyone of you here recommend a suitable UPS unit for my workstation rig powered by a 1100watt PSU?
The area I'm living right now has frequent power outages. I need a good UPS to sustain my system for at least 5 minutes. Thanks a lot.
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  1. Hello,

    Boy, I hope you are strong as big UPS's are very heavy! Here's one:

    Decent reviews. Also it should use the regular 3 prong plug. Watch out for some high capacity UPS's as some require a horizontal plug (and possibly an electrician to rewire part of your house) to accept the high amp requirement.
  2. If you're considering the UPS recommended by @Chainzsaw make sure your 1100 Watt PSU is able to run on a simulated sine wave power waveform when the UPS switches over to battery operation.

    If the power supply is incompatible with the UPS the switchover to battery operation during a power interruption will encounter problems like failing to switch over or the UPS making weird groaning noises and shutting itself down before your workstation can properly shut itself down.
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