Best Rotated Motherboard Case?

I'm looking for a case which has the motherboard rotated 90 degrees. I know that there's several out there, all made by SilverStone. What's the difference between them and which one is the best? By the way, I'm not interested in the TJ11 -- it's way too expensive.
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  1. use this to pick the silverstone case that best fits your needs

    i have a rv02 as my second pc and really like it--the ft02 is great as well
  2. mcnumpty, I used the link but I didn't have that many specifications so a huge list of cases came up. What are the differences between the RV-02, RV-03, and FT-02?
  3. theres quite a few differences so cant list them all

    if your budget stretches to the ft02 then i would go for that one over the other 2 all day long

    if not the rv03 case is similar to the rv02 but they have re-jigged the insides

    heres the ft02 review

    and at the bottom of the 1st page under related content its got the rv01, rv02 and rv03 review
  4. I like the clean looks of the FT-02, although I would prefer square, not rounded, edges. It's a bit more expensive than I like but I heard it's worth it so decision made :)
  5. dont think you will regret it --its quality :D
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