Good z77 motherboard for decent overclocks

I'm planning on getting a 3570k and wanted a decent motherboard for gaming and slight overclocks (nothing too big). Also, my budget is about $200. Any suggestions?
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  1. AsRock motherboards are cheap black and they overclock well
  2. Any models in particular I should look at? ATX is fine and I just need usb 3.0 and some PCI express 3.0 slots.
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    fyuturistic said:
    Its a solid board ;)
  4. ^It's pretty good. I had the -UD3H, and liked how well it COULD overclock, but I'll tell you right now that the BIOS / UEFI is going to give you hell. (As in, you have to set an overclock three or four times for it to do anything.)

    I'd personally go for the AsRock Extreme 6.
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