System Fan Has Failed Error After Case Swap


I have read a number of similar posts on this issue but wasn't able to resolve my particular problem and was hoping someone can provide some additional pointers

I recently moved my HP Pavilion Slimline S5280t to a Cooler Master case, everything went well except i now get a "System Fan Has Failed, Press F2 to Continue" message every time i boot up the PC.

I know for sure it's caused by the rear 120mm case fan (brand new, works fine) that connects to the 3 pin Chasis Fan connector on the motherboard (I tested it with the old 92mm fan and the error message was gone). So base on what i have read on the forum, the easiest fix is to disable / adjust fan monitor setting in BIOS, unfortunately that option is locked for my motherboard model (IPIEL-LA3). So at this point i have 2 questions as far as what i can do next:

1. I assume the fan sensor detects for RPM of the fan so since it's a 120mm fan, the RPM is lower than a 92mm one, and hence the error message i received. So can i fix the problem by swapping the case fan with a 120mm that runs at a higher RPM?

2. I have read that there is a hidden BIOS menu with some of the HP PCs, accessable by pressing F11 (or some other key that's not listed on the initial boot menu), i tried F11 and that went into a diagnostic tool, does anyone know if a hidden BIOS menu exist for my particular model? (PC Model: S5280t, CPU q8300, Mobo IPIEL-LA3)

Also, i don't think there is a BIOS update for my model either... so i am definitely running out of options here. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  1. Update - issue resolved, i bought the most powerful 120mm fan i can find locally (2000 rpm), which is 800 RPM more than the stock Cooler Master case fan. Upon installation the System Fan error message went away... and life is good again.
  2. What fan did you buy? I'm having the same issue.
  3. MikeN91 said:
    What fan did you buy? I'm having the same issue.

    it's still a coolermaster, just one with a really high RPM... i did not test with other brands, but i don't think it matters as long as the RPM meets your motherboards speed requirement, whatever that maybe.
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