Want 2400, having 2320 :/

Hi guyz,
Actually It's an old topic but never discussed here. I am here for some sort of clarification about what I got and is it right?....

Before building my rig, I was in plan to buy Core i5 2400 but in just hurry and bad situation (inclu. BAD LUCK), there was no 2400 available in that market, and that market was only for computer in my whole city!! then however I got Core i5 2320, according to benchmarks and specs comparisons, there is bit but considered as lot by others difference in both CPU like Core ratio, and some tech my cpu doesnt have but 2400 have like virtualization and stuff like that. And its not even in the list of benchmarks :(

Tell me should I be happy with my CPU or not?
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  1. Theyre the exact same cpu except the 2400 is 100mhz faster than the 2320
  2. can't you OC that up to the turbo bins, i.e. +400Mhz
  3. 13thmonkey said:
    can't you OC that up to the turbo bins, i.e. +400Mhz

    It can even reach 3.3Ghz but the thing is, never did OCing, seriously Im scared because recently got rig, dont wanna take risk, sorry it will make you "WT..." but seriously never tried!
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    There's so little noticeable difference in those two that you might as well claim to have a 2400. You can measure a tiny difference between them, but it will never mean an appreciable amount of wait time for any task.

    So, Yeah. Be happy.
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  6. Thanks everyone :)
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