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my computer was turned off and when i went to press the power button i got a little shock and now it doesnt turn on. however, if i turn off the power supply until the green light on the mobo goes out then turn the psu back on, all the lights come on and fans start spinning but will shut off after about 3 seconds. i think that is a normal thing though and when you press the power button on th case it should turn on, but doesnt. does this mean the power button on the case doesnt work or my mobo is fried or what?
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  1. I'm thinking the case shocked you rather than the other way around..... a static electricity shock to a case should not harm anything.
  2. so how come it wont turn on anymore?
  3. I've had this problem before and it was the psu. Every scenario is different, but that would be my first check.
  4. Same here, had the same problem. A new PSU solved it (Corsair's).
  5. alright well it turns out it is the mother board.
  6. jmc4822 said:
    alright well it turns out it is the mother board.

    I'm no expert, but if the case shocked you, it could have fried your motherboard at the same time. I'm not sure where the computer could have had a short though. I guess would be the psu, unless you have a reputable manufacturer that made your psu.
  7. i have a corsair psu. i took it in and got the information yesterday that its the motherboard. everything else tested out fine
  8. If the case shocked you, you have a grounding problem somewhere.
  9. i'm not sure how... its plugged into a surge protecter and is sitting on wood
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