So i was thinking of upgrading my pc! And was wondering if any one could help me out.i started with a budget build with some of your guys help.and am left wanting more. but i will list all the parts i am useing (ATM) PS- IM LOOKING TO GO FOR A BETTER GAMING BUILD. I am willing to spend around 8-500$

SPEC:Motherboard [...] 6813138283
SPEC : Hard Drive [...] 6822136770
SPEC : Power Supply [...] 6817139026
SPEC : DDR3 [...] 6820178265
SPEC : Processor [...] 6819103872
SPEC : VIDO CARD [...] Video-Card
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  1. I have to click your links to find out what you might buy?
  2. page i requested is not available, can you list them down?
  3. @OP: you linked them wrong. please add some description on which model/brand components and price. it's a PITA to click through every one of them.
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