Power supply failure?

I'm pretty sure my power supply failed in a power surge last night. I woke up to my alarm clock flashing, went to turn my pc back on and...nothing. The case fans spin up, the mobo lights flash, then it stops and keeps trying to turn on until I turn off the power supply switch. Really annoyed, it was a decent quality PSU (corsair tx650). I had it on a surge protector by maybe I should've sprung for a UPS. Does this scream power supply failure? I just hope that I don't have to replace anything else.
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  1. Was it on?
    Could be motherboard as well!
  2. Yep, it was on. Really can't afford to do extensive repairs right now. Bleh.
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    Try resetting the BIOS before anything else!
  4. And try resetting the PSU by unplugging from the wall.
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  6. Phew. I'd tried unplugging from the wall, with no change. Looked up how to clear the CMOS for my mobo, shorted the pins with a screwdriver, then plugged the system back in. I think the first boot might've failed (I could be mistaken), but the next time I fired it up with monitor connected I finally got a POST screen. Froze up when I tried selecting 'continue system resume', but when I deleted the restoration data, started up beautifully. Thanks so much rolli, I don't know if I'd have thought to reset the CMOS before wasting money on another PSU.
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