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3D with red and cyan glasses on GTS 250?

Good day everyone!

Serious question:

So after reading something from the forums here, I went tinkering with the nvidia control panel and its 3d stuff and I noticed aside from the complicated active-shutter type of 3d, that there is also an option for the red and cyan 3d thing (i don't know what its called, polarised was it?). so the question are:
-What monitor do I need for the red and cyan type of 3d? (I have a monitor 1440x900 @75hz)
-Does my GTS 250 support it? (I know it CAN but what about stability/performance?)
-Where do i get those red-cyan glasses? Can you make them yourselves? How? (I feel so stupid, i've never experienced 3d yet)

Thanks everyone!
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    1. Red/cyan 3d works on any monitor
    2. You will have 50% or lower fps.
    3. Buy them from ebay. They are cheap.

    I tried it with AMD card with iz3d driver but it is not that great. Can't tell the enemy in fps (I play TF2 and the teams are in red and blue. You can see why r/c 3d is a big problem on that game).
  2. It's called anaglyph
    Any monitor/card supports it
    It doesn't eat up any additional resources
    on ebay you can buy them for less than a dollar with free S&H (card board ones)
    They give them away for free at
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