1866(PC3 14900) vs. 1866(PC3 1500) ?????

Can anyone explain the difference between 1866(PC3 14900) and 1866(PC3 1500) ram?? I can seem to find a real difference yet there are these 2 categories on newegg.

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  1. There isn't a real difference, at least not one that matters for performance. Any difference in Newegg posting is probably just a difference between how the companies rate the modules (there can be minor discrepancy between how companies adhere to specifications in naming conventions). The difference is probably caused by some companies truncating the PC314900 number whereas some round up to PC3 15000 instead of truncating.
  2. Oh yea, I was wondering about that too!
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    Some like to use the higher indicator to to try and make the sticks look a little better, the PC315000, technically speaking indicates the sticks are rated to run up to 15000 MT/s vs 14900 MT/s, which is all moot, at the peak MT/s number is simply a theoretical number, DRAM will never peak it out
  4. thanks good call tradesman!
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