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So basically, i've spent the last month researching and looking at different builds and i'm still really none the wiser on what is good/bad/best/alright and i'm a little frustrated and finding it a bit daunting. Could anyone recommend a decent build for under $1000. i just want to be able to play bf3 really, and skyrim. if i could play on med-high with at least 50/60fps i'd be really happy. it'll probably be at least another month before i put this build together, as i've just had a few weeks off work over christmas and funds are a little low. so any tips, help, builds, components you think i should check out, stuff getting released soon would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. I'd go for the ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard. Same price but you can SLI @ 8X8.
  3. I forgot to mention that i don't need a cd drive, or a hdd as i already have them, and i'd probably just get a 60gb ssd for the os, and certain games. but the price will be about the same anyway.

    How well would the GTX 560 Ti sli? I've read a bit about it bottlenecking with 8x8.

    Do you think the Radeon 7000 will be worth waiting for?
  4. There will be no bottleneck with current gen PCIe slots. Also do you have a preference for HD 6950 or 560 TI? The Radeon 7000 series will be worth waiting for so you could get a cheap card that lets you play on low for now, and sell it and get a 7xxx card in the future.
  5. I like Soso's build...tho I'd....

    Up the HD to the Barracuda 1TB 64 MB cache model

    DVD Writer - $ 25 - Asus 24X DRW-24B3L w/ LS with Media Combo

    I'd spend an extra $10 on the PSU so I could SLI that GFX card later on

    I'd find a case with a USB3.0 USB port up front

    And finally, I'd get a P67 or Z68 board that is x8 x8 SLI capable that offers an industry standard 3 year warranty. If ya read the following article, I don't think you will find a need for X68

    Save $35 on this combo between discounts and MIR
  6. Alright, so how does this sound


    So i went 4 x 2gb of ram. as far as i'm aware, the more slots used the better?
    i already have a 500gb hdd, that will do just fine for now, and a cd drive. so i just went with a 60gb ssd for the os, and probably bf3.

    Um, i don't really have a preference for either the HD 6950 or the 560 TI

    is there much of a difference? which is better/would you recommend. I'd probably end up adding another in the future as well, so i guess, whichever would work better sli'd or crossfired i guess.

    how much do you think the 7000 will be worth?

    also, i live in australia, so i'll probably just order parts a little more locally, i guess it'll end up being a little bit more expensive than the prices on newegg.
  7. edit, i'm probably going to need a cheaper power supply, how important is the bronze/silver/gold label?
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