Which Z77 mobo for around 100-130 should I get?

Just bought an i5 3570k with an ASROCK z77 mobo and it came DOA. Awesome.

So, I ask you, whats the best mobo I can get for around 100-130 dollar mark?

Not looking to sli/xfire. USB 3.0 PCI 3.0 Pref :)

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  1. If it was the extreme 4, get another one, if it's doa, those things happen to all motherboards brands and other components.
  2. RMA the bitch. Every OEM has some bad product/ ASRock is a decent OEM (I am running their Z77 Extreme 6 and P67 Extreme 6 mobos and they have been reliable.
  3. I bought the PRO4 because it has a killer deal with free 8 gigs of memory.

    Hows this board?

    or this board?


    That board is 10% off plus I have a 15 promo card
  4. Get the extreme 6, it's a better board, it's worth paying the extra for it, if it comes with the ram.
  5. Well thanks :) Bought the extreme 6
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