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I've been having many troubles putting my IBM 45gig Deskstar on my Promise ATA100. I installed Win2k SP1 successfully while the HD was connected to the ATA66 port and Win2k runs great on ATA66. I've installed all the latest Promise drivers (1.60 b33) and the latest BIOS (v1006). When I switch the HD over to ATA100, Win2k starts up fine, but when I login, the computer hangs during the login process. Does anyone have a clue as to what's wrong? Thanks a lot,
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  1. It is absolutely fine with W2k, it cannon handle hardware changes, especially hard drive stuff. I have tried to switch SCSI card is different PCI between reboots during installation, got blue screen right away, changed it back, runs like a champ again.
    So, you want to set W2k on the hardware you want it to run and don’t touch it no more. That’s my $0.02 in yer pocket... hehe

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  2. I would check to make sure that it is running in DMA mode rather than PIO mode. That can have a significant impact.

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  3. If you're going to be switching the interface for your boot disk, you need to load the new driver *before* wou switch interfaces (this is the same with all other versions of NT and **IX as well), or at the very least use the Win2k Setup recovery console to load the new driver.

    Win9x uses the older (and, I guess, lower performance) interrupt 13 BIOS disk interface, so switching controllers is not really a problem as long as the card supports INT13 booting (almost all do). I believe Win2k/NT use this INT13 BIOS interface only to find the boot.ini and loader files, and then use the loaded driver to talk directly to the controller card after that.
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