GTX 560 2GB vs GTX 560 Ti 1GB


Just wondering what makes more sense, a GTX 560 with 2GB RAM, or a GTX 560 Ti with 1GB RAM. Looks like they're the same price. Is double the RAM or more processors better for today's games? (Skyrim, Rage, etc)
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  1. Ti.
  2. What resolution do you play games at?

    If you use 1920x1080 or less then the 560Ti will be the better card for you, as you can see in the benchmarks below the Ti performs slightly better than the 560. 2GB will be usefull for resolutions higher than 1920x1080.,2944-8.html,2944-6.html,2944-10.html
  3. Even at "higher then 1080" I'd still take the TI.
  4. Yes I would too
  5. ^ +1
  6. Thanks for the quick replies everyone!

    I'd like to run the full res of my monitor, 1920 x 1200.

    So I'm thinking this card then:

    EVGA SuperClocked 01G-P3-1563-AR GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 1GB

    NewEgg has them for $230 after rebate. I've had good success with EVGA in the past. Do you agree or like a different 560Ti better?

  7. Your welcome.

    The EVGA is a great choice, its the one I'd go for if I was spending my money. Also you've had good success with EVGA in the past so why change.
  8. Or you could wait for this >

    Here is a review >

    If they are priced fairly well 2 in SLI would be Be-a-utifulllllll!!!!! It doesnt look like you will be able to use but 1 of these cards. :( , but this card scales better than running 2 1GB 560 ti's in sli.
  9. fatfingertony said:
    NewEgg has them for $230 after rebate. I've had good success with EVGA in the past. Do you agree or like a different 560Ti better?

    I use these, mostly cause I have had such good success OC'ing them past 1000 MHz
  10. D1RTYJU1C3 - That's crazy! It's also more than twice I wanted to spend!

    JackNaylorPE - That ASUS card looks great, too bad it's "out of stock"

    Again, thanks for everyone's input!
  11. Sorry I get ahead of myself when new hardware is released. I have a couple of Galaxy GTX560 ti's running in sli and have had no problems. I bought them for the look but but I have no complaints about the performance. They have a great cooler design. The only thing I dont like about them is they dont exhaust all the air out of the case, but just about any card that doesnt use the reference cooler exhausts some air inside the case.

    The good thing is they are 199.99 after mail in rebate.
  12. Take a look at the GIGABYTE Windforce edition. This one from newegg is a very good price, should take a bit of overclocking, and has an excellent cooler on it.
  13. Personally i would get the EVGA version i have two EVGA 470s and not only do they work great, they have lifetime 8 year warranties on them which not many companies do.
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