A few questions from a rookie.

Hi everyone,
The Motherboard on my eMachines EL1850 recently died. (No big issue as it didn't take any of the stuff connected to it with it)
I'm looking at replacing the board (Don't worry I'm already in a bigger case with a better PSU), and was wondering a few things:

1) On the below motherboard, I can see a VGA output, but no other mention of Graphics:
Does this mean I need a CPU like this one to be able to use integrated graphics?:

2) The eMachine came with Windows 7 pre-installed.
Is that installation somehow tied to the original motherboard, and is it likely to throw a tantrum if I slap a new mobo in there?

Thanks in advance,
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    Windows 7 should be on your Harddrive so it shouldn't be tied to the MoBo. also yes, that board requires a CPU with integrated graphics in it.
  2. Cheers mate, just thought I'd check.
    (I'll probably re-install Windows anyway - upgrade to a 64-bit OS)
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  4. Woah woah woah, hold up. If windows 7 was preinstalled its always tied to the mobo. Though you might be able to call up microsoft and tell them that your motherboard died and you bought a replacement, sometimes they allow you to use it more than once. Though its highly likely that with the new motherboard you are going to have to buy a new copy of windows 7. (The only exception to this is when you are buying an exact replacement of the mobo that died)
  5. Thats why I asked; I KNEW that I had read something somewhere about OS's being tied to mobo's.
    Thanks Mouse24.
    Can you see a problem arising if I reinstall windows? (After backing up 'My Documents')
  6. Oh you mean if you were to reinstall the OEM copy of windows? If so that won't work either unless its an identical motherboard as that code will only work for that board.

    If you mean just plugging a HD straight into the new board and running your previous copy of windows then that won't work either as you won't have the proprietary drivers preinstalled to be able to boot into the OS on the new mobo.
  7. What I was actually after was to plug the same hard drive, DVD etc into this new board, power it on long enough to insert my nice, new, shiny Windows 7 Ultimate disk and install from that. (Without reformatting the partition)

    I did that once with WinXP, and all I lost was the 'My Documents' folder and some drivers, and was wondering if the same would happen this time around.
  8. There should be an option to install windows 7 over top the old install I think. It will clearly state that no data will be lost though, just moved from where its at into a folder called windows.old.
  9. Alright, thanks for all your help mate.
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