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I have a ASrock Z68 Extreme 3 Pro 3 currently running an i3-2120

I am considering upgrading to a Xeon E3-1245
Ill be needing loads of video rendering and Photoshop to be done.

This same pc serves as a gaming rig in my free time.

A few questions
1. Will I have problems running up to 32 gigs of ram with a Xeon since my motherboard only supports common DDR3 ram (no ECC or Registered ram).
2. does the Integrated Xeon P3000 graphics actually support Intel Quick Sync.
3. Will the Xeon limit my PCIe 2.0 x16 port? (8x/8x option)(currently an single HD 6850 loaded)
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  2. Yeah, you'd want to look into Quadro or FirePro, it'll get done much faster.

    Granted, a gaming graphics card will do the job somewhat, a professional graphics card will be loads better.
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