1155 Socket getting outdated and won't upgrade to nextgen intel chips?

Hey Guys,

I showed a friend a motherboard I wanted that had a 1155 socket and he said to wait for the 1150 socket instead as the 1155 was being outdated and the newer Intel chips for next gen, and the gen after that, wouldn't be able to support the 1155.

Please advise! Thank you.
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  1. i don't think the next socket is going to be so super fast it would even make a difference. if you want to put together a system with the 1155 socket, go for it.
  2. Socket 1150 isn't supposed to be out till June of this year. If you need a system now, and plan on gaming, get the 1155. If you keep waiting for the newest tech to come out,you'll always be waiting.

    Also, overall, when Intel launches a new socket, the old one is phased out quickly. In other words, a socket 1155 CPU will only work in a socket 1155 motherboard.
  3. yes i believe, 1150 will be next. it is up to you, im not aware when will the next gen be released though. so dig up some news and see if you can wait that long. 1155 have had 2 gen's only, unlike the old 775 that survived long.

    well, it is intel's decision not ours. i think AMD is better nowadays in this department.
    im using 2500k, but i just dont see myself upgrading anytime soon. im @ 4ghz now and i can probabaly oc a little more if needed.

    so if you have a fairly ok rig now and you can wait, then wait. or just upgrade your gpu if you need some extra gaming muscle, at least a gpu will survive longer than the current mobos available.
  4. From what I have been reading there will not be much of a performance difference between Ivy Bridge and Haswell. The biggest difference is the HD Graphics on the new chips is about 2x faster than HD Graphics 4000 on the Ivy Bridge chip.
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