HD6850x2 - is my bargain 600w PSU enough?

Hey, would just like to see if my current PSU is adequate for crossfiring two HD 6850s (PowerColor). I understand that 600W is enough depending on the PSU quality... and I'm not sure if the current one is good enough.

My current PSU is a Thermaltake TR2 600W. It isn't the greatest.

72%+ Eff.
2 12V rails, 1 @ 32A, 2 @ 24A with a max of 576W between them.

On the connectors section, it also lists PCI-E (6-pin) x1 twice: one picture shows an extra dongle on it (looks like a 2 pin connector). There ARE enough connections right?

Link: http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=45039&vpn=W0388RU&manufacture=Thermaltake

The system has a 2500k, 1 mechanical drive, SSD, optical drive, 2 sticks of ram (1333) and a wireless card.

Would this PSU run two cards safely? (And would crossfire rule out an OC?)
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  1. I wouldn't. But you can go ahead and try.
  2. I'm running a pair of 6870s with an OCZ 600 watt. So, there's enough juice. Just depends on how well your PSU holds up.
  3. it might work ok, for a short period. I ran a single 6850 from a 470w TR2 for a while, but different tr2's are made with different designs > see this article http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/power-supply-oem-manufacturer,2913-9.html . All their decent models are made by Channel Well, the others, particularly the RX series are known to not put out their rated power. The problem with taking this kind of chance is you could end up with not only a blown PSU, but when it does blow, it can put a voltage spike out that could blow your motherboard, video cards, ram, pci cards etc.......would I take that chance....no.
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