Will the Corsair H100 liquid cooler fit in a Thermatale Xaser VI case


I was thinking of switching from the giant/heavy cooler i have on my cpu to the Corsair H100.

Problem; does anyone know if it will fit properly in my thermaltake Xaser VI case?

The case has some compartment for cooling, but i assume it's for thermaltake branded liquid coolers.

Any ideas?


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  1. My advice (if none one else gives a better reply) is get out a ruler and check the dimensions.

    Firstly you'll need two 120mm adjacent fan slots on the roof of your case.

    Secondly you will need at least 52mm of clearance for the rad and fans together beneath the roof of your case, so make sure the motherboard/ram/rear fan are not in the way.

    If both of those criteria are met you should be good to go :D.
  2. You'll need to check and make sure that the top of your case has mounts for 2 x 120mm fans. The case fans should look similar to that of the Cooler Master HAF 912 (which is what I'm using), the mounts look similar to this:

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