Problems with Powercolor HD 6870

Here is my setup.

Asus P8P67 pro mobo ver. 3.1
Intel i5 2500k Processor
G. skill 4Gx4 12800 ram (16G total)
Powercolor ATI HD6870 1G GDDR5 graphics card
WD 500G HD
Asus DVD-RW drive
Win 7 Home 64 bit
Cooler master 212P CPU cooler
Artic silver 5 paste
OCZ 600w PS
Monitor is a LG E2241

Having problems in full screen where for the first 10 seconds, I get these weird flashing lines that stretch out from objects on the screen. I does it occasionally during the game as well. Tried swapping ram around to see if I had a bad stick, but no changes. Deleted, cleaned registry, and installed newest catalyst control center and BF3 patch. Problem still there. Latest DX11 drivers installed. Does it alot in League of legends and Halo CE in fullscreen no matter if the v-sync is on or not (60fps). It has Not crashed or freeze at all. just annoys me. Do I need to look at something else before I RMA it?
I do have 2 screenshots.
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  1. With the graphics artifacts that you've described I would suspect the graphics card or a problem with the graphics card's device driver.

    Have you monitored the GPU's temperature?

    Is the graphics card overclocked at all?
  2. me too suspect the gfxcard
  3. Graphics card has not been overclocked. I have tried OC it, but I got the same results.

    Last game I ran on it, the temperature was low (I don't think Halo CE can push these new cards very hard.
  4. May have found problem!

    Found my Asus P8P67 pro board was not recognizing all of my RAM. Looks like I have 1 channel dead and WIN 7 did not properly install because of it. In the Process of RMAing the board and exchanging my ram for some QVL type.

    Will reply with my results.

    The Video card was tested in a friends computer and worked fine.
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