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I got a cooler master haf 430 black elite case with 1 fan in the front of the case I'm going buy a Fan for the Rare in the middle side panel to cool off my north bridge since its getting Warm around 64c 74c max I want the best 120m fans I can get with the power supply I have I got x1 chasey fan connector in I think only 1 more molex on my psu that works.

Also Best Air flow for this case I got a stock heat sink Might re place but Not sure what size I need with my case- mother bored
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    Probably your cheapest option. Two for the top, one out the back, one in from the side or from the bottom.
  2. so should I move the front fan to the Side panel Since my hard drive really dont need a fan lol also you got to take a look at my PSU i think it has x3 Ph connectors not Molex but they still work if im right?
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  4. k Does new egg carry those? really only place I shop other then best buy :]
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  6. k will do this should drop the temps like crazy Also with the new HS I should not worry about over heating just a vacuum cleaner for a computer LOL
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