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Sound Card not bieng detected correctly

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February 23, 2001 3:33:14 PM

after a format... I downloaded the newest drivers for both my video, and sound cards... video installed fine... everything is working perfectly, my sound drivers will not install...

82810E mobo, with onboard sound and video, both disabled...
192 megs PC133 SdRAM
V3 3000 PCI...
Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1 with Live! DRIVE IR... connected to Cambridge Soundworks FPS 2000 digital speakerset...
onboard hard drive controller with a single 15.1 gig IDE...
Logitech wheelman optical connected to USB port...
56k generic winmodem...
4 PCI slots:
top to bottom:
1:Sound card
2:Video card
4:p CI modem

If anything else is needed then just ask... I've reinstalled rebooted redownloaded so many time I've lost count... I've tried switching the sound card to the 3rd slot... first slot has the memory by it... so the video card is in the way of the first slot... which means to have 192 megs of RAM I had to put a 64 meg, and a 128 meg dimm in there... I've disconnected the Live! DRIVE, and reconnected it... The gameport works, I've installed UT just to find out... and it works in UT... it's as if windows can't detect the actual soundcard, it keeps detecting a PCI multimedia audio device, but I can't find the correct drivers for it...

If any additional info is needed... just post... and I'll get back to you...

or you can ICQ me at 92591279...

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February 23, 2001 4:49:04 PM

big question

What OS? (I know it is Windows but what version)

so you can install the card and boot Windows which does detect the device but the driver install does not go through.

When you direct it to the folder where you downloaded the drivers to, what happens? does it say it cannot find any drivers in that directory?

Try to clearly explain what you mean by the sound drivers not installing, what happens?

Also, try installing the drivers that came with the card rather than the downloaded ones.
February 23, 2001 5:21:50 PM

sorry about that :) 

It's windows 98, SE I believe...

you would be correct in assuming that when I direct it to the folder with the drivers, it says it cannot find any... and they are there... so I don't actually know what it's trying to install, because it just says PCI multimedia audio device, when I do find drivers, it says that these are not the correct drivers, and may not work... or something like that...

I install the drivers, reboot, go into windows, and nothing... it says it's found Creative Gameport Joystick, installs that, says it's found Creative Multimedia Interface, installs that... then it says it's found PCI multimedia Audio Device... but does not change to SBLive! like it should... it just keeps saying it's a PCI Multimedia Audio Device...

I've installed both sets of drivers, downloaded, and the ones that came with the card... which sucks.. because I don't know which ones work and which ones don't...

sorry if I am bieng hard to deal with... but I'm at my wits end... and about to junk the computer, and walk around town for a few hours...
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February 23, 2001 7:05:45 PM

You cannot install the Live! series through the "New Hardware" window (at least not the Platinum 5.1). You need to cancel out of that window when it pops up and install from a setup program on the CD that SHOULD autoplay when the CD is put in. Otherwise, you can double click on the CD's icon in "My computer" and the CD setup program should start up. (Pg. 6 of the platinum 5.1 manual would have told you this same exact thing)
February 23, 2001 11:09:20 PM

A. I cancel it out... when it

B. it is finding the sound card... IT ISN'T INSTALLING IT... it won't install the drivers for it... It just shows up as PCI Multimedia audio device, and brings up the thingy that goes through the driver install process... It should automatically install... but it doesn't...

C. when I do install it... it doesn't show up... which leads me to believe that the card is fried... but would the gameport work?
The first 10 times I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers... I didn't touch the inside of my computer... so why would it be fried? I can't believe it would be this difficult just to install drivers... but it has been that way... so I'm gonna just turn off my computer before I throw it out the window...
February 24, 2001 5:58:29 AM

Try setting (in BIOS) PNP OS to NO, It might be a rescouce conflict.

Suicide is painless...........
March 8, 2001 2:32:41 PM

Did you ever get this fixed?? I am experiencing the exact same thing now with my SB Live Platinum 5.1. It worked good on my ASUS A7V board, but I recently switched to an ASUS A7M266 MB with onboard sound and no matter what I try it doesnt see the drivers even when I direct them to the folders on the CD. When I do an install from the autostart on the install cd, it goes through but says it doesnt see the live drive and will not get anything working. Ive disabled the onboard sound via the onboard jumper, ive assigned IRQs to ISA and one specifically for the card, totalling 2 for the SB Live as per ASUS instructions but i still cant get it to work. When I had it working last time on the A7V I would get an electric popping noise similar to another post Ive seen here. Please help, this C-Media onboard sound doenst exactly make my Bambridge FPS2000 sound good.
March 8, 2001 3:51:52 PM

A shot in the dark here, never had this problem myself.

Engineer friend of mine reckons you should not disable your onboard sound in the BIOS, but do it from Windows.

Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Click device manager tab.

View the properties of your sound card and check 'disable in this hardware profile' (along with any other devices associated with the card).

Apologies if this is nonsense as I cannot verify the info.