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G'day all, I am having problems with my new Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5 and before Gigabyte will attempt to help me they want answers to questions about my rig. I managed to find and install @BIOS to locate the BIOS number but this next one has me stumped.

2. The sSpc number of your CPU

These are the components of my custom build machine. Can anybody help me answer Gigabytes question please?

Many thanks, Mac

Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5: EVGA GTX580; Intel Core i7 3960X; Corsair 16GB Kit (4x4GB);
Intel 250GB SSD; 200w PSU: 1200w PSU: Corsair H100 Cooler: Win 7 64bit:
Performance. Processor 7.8: RAM: 7.9: Grapics 7.9: Gaming Graphics: 7.9 HDD 7.6.
MS Flight Simulator X
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  1. Newer heard of it but it should be enough to give them the model and serial!
  2. Thank you Sir, that is exactly what I thought but I did my best to "humor" them :D
  3. Just ask them where you will find that number and of course blame ignorance!
  4. Will do and thank you.
  5. G'day to you. My problems began when I tried to turn off Hyper-threading as is recommenced for multi-core with Flight Sim X. Turned off, tried to save with F10 and BIOS crashed. Battery out, wait an hour, recover with original settings. Tried again, same again.

    So I put in a support ticket with Gigabyte and they are now insisting on information before proceeding. This first required that I discover that I have F3 BIOS installed by installing @BIOS. The second question is as you see above. Google was no help so I turned to your good selves for a possible answer.

    My concern was raised when my Gigabyte correspondent seemed unaware that the traditional "Energy Saving" splash screen does not appear first when booting. The first screen is the BIOS home screen which does not display the BIOS number.

    Regards, Mac
  6. The Gigabyte person told be to download and install @BIOS which I did. That then gave me the BIOS version, F3, on the opening page. I screen grabbed that and sent it to him as an attachment on the support ticket.
  7. From one of the accepted specialists in FSX, Jesus Altare who we understand has "inside" knowledge from the MS Aces Team who authored FSX. I have been experimenting with Hyper-threading ON/OFF for some time and I defiantly got less shudder in very high density scenery areas with it off, with my previous build. Having said that I have not yet been able to compare with my current build.
  8. I will certainly get back to you when I have the comparison. I will also provide link to the definitive explanation on this. Shall I continue with this thread or should I go back to the MB forum with a new thread? I don;t want to get into trouble for "off topic".
  9. This is the lair of the wizard of FS
  10. This is the link to one of the most comprehensive pages on configuring for FSX that I know of.
  11. I suppose it does a bit, but in the two or three years it has been there there has not been, to my knowledge any bad press about the website, but hundreds have used and many have praised. The produced fsx.cfg certainly improved the way my computer handled FSX.
  12. This link supplies further information regarding the development of the "Tweaking for FSX" concept
  13. I think I am getting as close as money can buy at the moment although I still need to get this MB right and learn how to OC from 3.66 to about 4.3. Full Terrain Experience (FTX-Orbx) have completely changed the ball game for Flight Sim over the last three years. It now needs a high end rig with three screens including a High Definition 3D TV as the main monitor, to fully appreciate what Flight Sim is now all about.
  14. Definitely and that is exactly what my custom built "cockpit" will have. But I am hastening slowly until I have gained full confidence in the current build. It is clearly buggy at the moment. As you say we have make sure of the integrity of the current build before I throw more money at it. Did that once before and had to start again.
  15. Spot on and as I have never flashed a BIOS before, but have read some horror stories, I think I may have to call for professional help.
  16. Before we do that, a question. Have you seen or used the Gigabyte App @BIOS? From what little I know about it so far it seems it is designed to flash the BIOS from within Windows. The person over at Gigabyte seemed quite determined that I should have that on board.

    There is a fairly comprehensive "step by step" on the help screens which I am currently working through, just reading first of course.
  17. I really appreciate your input this evening. I am GMT +8 so I will spend the rest of the day studying and hope to spot you some time after 0001Z tomorrow. Cheers, sleep well.
  18. This is starting to look like a vicious circle. This all began because I could not disable Hyper-threading now the following Gigabyte page tells me that before I can upgrade the BIOS I must .....

    3.Before you start.....
    I. If your system supports Intel Hyper-Threading technology, please kindly disable the function in the BIOS.
  19. I have decided to use Australian Consumer Law to insist on a fault free MB replacement under warranty from the Retailer. I am concerned if I do anything, even replacing the BIOS, they might try to escape the warranty. They could perhaps argue that I have caused the problem or made the MB unrepairable. So far I have only attempted to use the end user facilities provide to me, namely trying to disable Hyper-threading.

    I will look for you again, if I may, to do the OC when as you said we have a known integrity for the machine. Thanks again for your help. Mac
  20. I am in communication with the Retailer who agrees with you. So as soon as he replies and gives me the "green light" in writing I will certainly go ahead and flash.
  21. OK, I just got this so I am going to try and go straight up to F10

    "Please attempt a bios flash without disabling HT; it should still update just fine. If the bios update fails to work at all, then we’ll definitely have to arrange a warranty return on the board."
  22. The upgrade from F3 to F10 completed successfully but with some variations of procedure. I started off trying to carry out the upgrade from within the BIOS GUI

    I could not see the Thumb Drive or the DVD in the BIOS GUI in order to locate and select the upgrade X79UD5.bin file. I then went back to the @BIOS utility which allowed me to locate the file on the Thumb Drive, select the file and the upgrade was then completed from within the Windows 7 64 bit GUI.

    Hyper-threading was not disabled prior to upgrade.
  23. G'day again, yes I believe so and with thanks to you for support. I admit that I have not yet tried to disable Hyper-threading as I have been a little busy today. Now time to study how I can get out of the ram, vram and HDD. I am afraid FSX does not need much CPU to keep it happy. I have never actually seen it use more than 40% of what is currently available.
  24. Will do for sure, cheers.
  25. BUT WAIT ... It now gets even worse with this board. I got permission from the reseller (Retailer) to try flashing the BIOS. I achieved this using the @BIOS utility and am now running F10. Now I cannot get into the BIOS setup at all. Pressing DEL just gets me a blue screen with "GIGABYTE - UEFI DualBIOS" at the top but with no other text or links. The only way out is to reboot. The machine will still boot to Windows 7 64-bit.

    My Support Ticket at Gigabyte is now being ignored probable because I could not provide a "sSpc number".
  26. Yup tried one to several with same result. But I am not missing it, I get a blue screen with "GIGABYTE - UEFI DualBIOS" at the top. The only way out of that is reboot. I have referred back to supplier who has now gone direct to Gigabyte. Waiting on response now.
  27. I am coming to the opinion that Gigabyte have a serious problem with over clocking with this MB and they are doing what ever they can to cover their rear ends at the moment, including inhibiting access to BIOS.
  28. I think perhaps not. I have so far discovered two others who have tried to get into the F10 BIOS and are getting the same result. I have also discovered that this board may have previously been recalled, apparently about six months ago, because of overclock heat problems.,14374.html
  29. The last line in this extract from a reply to me by Gigabyte Support may tell the "real" story and tend to confirm my suspicions.

    To download the BIOS, please click HERE. After bios updating, please do not forget to load BIOS fail-safe default setting and please also do not try to overclock your system at this moment.
  30. Ever solve this? I'm getting the blue screen bios when I press the del key as well. I just upgraded from F10 to F14, haven't changed anything else - not really doing any overclocks, but had loaded XMP for my 1600 memory.

    Strange how I can still boot without issues but I'd really like to get into my bios!
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