Dual 460 or 560?

Hey Guys,

Im looking to buy a new graphics card this week and i was wondering should i go
for another 460 and SLi them or get a new 560 and the following week SLi that instead?

Could someone provide links to sources, which i add, i cannot find.

Any help will be great

thank you.
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  1. It honestly depends on what budget you are on. If you already have a 460, it'll cost as little as $130 USD to get one, but SLI 560s will cost from $350 to $440 USD. Dual 460s will have no problem playing anything (including Crysis 2 DX11 Ultra) so there's no problem in getting one. However, you're going to have to replace the entire setup when another graphics upgrade is in order. But at that point, you might as well get a new rig. ;)
  2. If you already own a GTX 460 it would make more sense to get another and SLI them than buying two GTX 560s.
  3. Sli the 460 you already have.
  4. Definitely another 460. 560 is just a 460 with a newer chip.
    If I'm interpreting Tom's charts correctly a pair of 460's in SLI scale up to 190% over a single card.
    then, looking at the BF3 charts that would suggest 77.4 FPS in BF3.
    470W at full power, 160W @ idle. 78C on auto fan.
    Anyway, that's why I decided to SLI my 460
  5. The budget is not a problem i dont care about the price. Could you just say which is better
  6. If budget is no problem ; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121470
    Otherwise sli two 560TI.
  7. Thats a bit extreme.

    Im looking for GFX Cards around £150, when i said budget i meant like i dont mind getting 2 new GFX cards that will run BF3, MW3, other games on high

    So my question stands 460's or 560's?##

    *Please Note* Im looking at Dual "GeForce® GTX 560 Ti 2GB"
  8. Yeah, it was a joke. ( not a good one, i know )

    Sli 560, the 560 is a 460 like delroy said but it's better with power/temps. On the other hand is that worth the extra bucks ? If i had a 460 allready i would go for sli460. Can't you sell the 460 and put that extra money in a 560Ti and sli that later, that would be really best.
  9. Two GTX 460s will out-perform a GTX 570, two GTX 560s will out-perform a GTX 580. I'd recommend that you SLI the 460 and save for a later upgrade when the 600 series comes out next year. That way you skip a generation.
  10. Ah, saw the edit fot the ti.

    Sli 560 ti crushes sli 460 but like chesteracorgi said ; maybe smarter to wait for the next gen gpu's.
  11. go for gtx 560ti sli but you have to need a good psu and gtx 460sli is also a good solution but tell me one thing why dont you buy gtx 580 or 590 instead of sli 2 medium cards as compare to these high cards?
  12. I'm going to SLI GTX 460's 'cause I already have one. Just as soon as I get the RMA straightened out. New one ran but wouldn't show in device mgr. and didn't install on 'adding new hardware'. Ran one pass of Unigine Heaven and I could have fried bacon on that sucker!
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